Antinfek® 30D Bulk Spray

Antinfek® 30D Bulk Spray


DOVE BIOTECH Co., Ltd. and our authorized distributors are providing Antinfek® 30D Bulk Spray Service for private, commercial, government and public facilities (apartments, houses, offices, shops and shopping malls, schools, hotels, hospitals, fitness centers, spa, massage and beauty salons, restaurants, etc.), public transportation, private, commercial and public vehicles, yachts, cruise ships, public parks, markets, etc.


Oil Spill Clean Up


DOVE BIOTECH® proudly present a solution of Nano technology, “ORGANOZORB®”, for total cleanup and eradication of petroleum, and hydrocarbon, both in land and contaminated water bodies.



Waste Water Treatment


DOVE BIOTECH® experts in wastewater treatment and develop various technology, products and systems to cover all kind of wastewater treatment.