Natural Drinking Water Treatment & Disinfection

ANTINFEK® 10H Natural Drinking Water Disinfectant exclusively developed and patented by DOVE Biotech.
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DOVE BIOTECH has developed, tested and patented ANTINFEK® 10H which is the ultimate and the most effective 100% natural disinfectant with advanced Nano & Biotechnology for drinking water treatment. It effectively eliminates dangerous pathogenic microbial contaminants, i.e. bacteria, fungi, and viruses etc. that cause variety of waterborne diseases.

ANTINFEK® 10H for Natural Drinking Water Treatment and Disinfection.

Conventional drinking water decontamination system, which currently use in the industry tends to have specialized processes, high operating cost and high maintenance.
In addition, this conventional drinking water treatment is ineffective and generates various side effects, i.e. staffs/workers who work in the treatment system directly expose to the chemical disinfectant such as Chlorine. This hazardous chemical generates both short-term and long-term health problems such as inflammation of sensitive organ like eyes and nose, respiratory disease, cancer and even death.
  • ANTINFEK® 10H is natural polymers water-soluble bactericidal polyelectrolyte based from Guanidine compounds which kills both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • ANTINFEK® 10H provides instant result with easy application by simply adding to the natural drinking water supply, city water, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, river water, underground water, industrial sewage water, etc.
  • ANTINFEK® 10H has been extensively tested by a number of independent laboratories and recognized by several governments bodies for its effectiveness and environmental friendly.
  • ANTINFEK® 10H meets the strictest environmental, safety, and durability requirements.
  • ANTINFEK® 10H is designed for the replacement of the dangerous reagents like Chlorine and Hydrochlorides. It can be applied to the pre-existing decontamination technology and equipment without the need of modification.
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Comparison between DOVE BIOTECH Water Treatment’s Products and System with the Conventional Methods


DOVE BIOTECH 100% Natural Products & SystemsCHEMICALS and Other Conventional Systems
Safe and no side effects
No chemical is added, 100% natural-based technology, specifically designed for elimination of hazardous wastes and dangerous microorganisms in water. No residuals and safe for human, animal and the environment.
causing health problems and chronic disease: Many chemicals are added and those compounds are mainly carcinogens and/or mutagens. For example, Chlorine
Require small dosage and provide long lasting protection. It is a cost-effective product and the most economical decontamination agent in the market.
To ensure standardize water quality, high amount of such chemicals need to be added. Require daily addition
Work with all type water characteristic:
Applicable to various characteristics of water regardless of pH, and temperature.
Work with certain type of water only:
Restricted to certain type of turbidity, pH, Temperature and other conditions.
Ease of handling, deployment and usage with simply steps to maintain:
DOVE BIOTECH water treatment products do not require any complicated protocols and precautions due to its lack of toxicity and explosion risk. Simply application provide highest efficiency result with inexpensive cost and easy to operate. This technology revealed with the most advantage with non-toxic to human and the environment.
Require highly protection to prevent the toxicity when working with chemicals.

Chemical treatment provide highly toxic and explosive therefore, it is difficult and expensive to handle. The operation requires complicated procedures and labors.
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