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DOVE Biotech has a strong commitment in providing high quality products for human health and beauty: skin care products, home care products & natural herbal dietary supplements.


Our original cosmetic lines are formulated with precious botanical extracts as the main ingredients along with our organic anti-microbial agent ANTINFEK®.

They work together to better the human appearance from head to toe, and as well to protect against bacteria and funguses.

We put a lot of effort in the research and development of our skin care products by focusing on the positive effects of the raw materials to guarantee that the ingredients provide the highest result in improving the health of a human body.

Our home care products provide ultimate and safe daily protection against bacteria and funguses, being formulated with  the organic anti-microbial agent ANTINFEK®.

Herbal remedies and dietary supplements developed and produced by DOVE Biotech are maid to boost immune system and human health, using a natural power from a natural and organic sources for a long and active living.

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DOVE Biotech core expertise is advanced water treatment, managing waste, recovering energy and protecting the environment.


DOVE Biotech Co., Ltd has developed innovative and robust treatment systems and technologies to meet the world’s demand for waste management including both advanced solid waste and wastewater treatment technology.

Attention to renewable energy in combination with our experience in waste-to-energy solutions, allows DOVE Biotech to create optimal way to complete an industrial cycle by recycling the process waste. We are experts in the installation of waste treatment systems and in the development of economically feasible solutions for our clients.

Our company offers green energy systems for processing biogas, biodiesel and ethanol.

DOVE Biotech Co., Ltd. has developed, tested and patented “ANTINFEK 10H®” which is the ultimate and the most effective 100% natural disinfectant with advanced Nano & Biotechnology for drinking water treatment. It effectively eliminates dangerous pathogenic microbial contaminants, i.e. bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause variety of waterborne diseases.

Our ANTINFEK® based line of products for agriculture and aquaculture provides advanced and ultimate protection for crops and animal farming with the natural disinfectant ANTINFEK® that kills bacteria and fungi on contact, being safe for humans, animals and environment.