Dove Group of Companies

DOVE portfolio reflects its global representation in over 30 countries with over 50 years in Research, Product Development and Manufacturing Expertise.

The name DOVE represents a substantial number of divisional companies that led to the formation of the DOVE Group of Companies in 1990.

DOVE brand signifies a business concept, which amounts to technological excellence incorporated in a unique range of products, manufactured with the highest standards, combined with exceptional services and a competitive pricing structure. Over the years, this business philosophy has been the main driving force behind the rapid growth of the DOVE  Group of Companies.
While the specific discipline and area of expertise of each core company within the DOVE Group is different, combining the knowledge and expertise of the all companies gives the DOVE Group a unique range of capabilities, which in its turn supports each individual company in order to provide better products and higher quality of service to the related industries.
These capabilities have allowed the DOVE Group to cross technological frontiers and challenge traditional methods, achieving technical excellence.